Monday, June 1, 2009

A final dispatch

As I'm heading home tomorrow, I thought now would be the perfect time to post my last batch of pictures. Most are from Lyon, with Avignon and Pérouges showing up at some point. Enjoy!

Wisterias growing on the side of an apartment building. Notice the tiny potted plant to the left.

Parc de la Tête d'Or, one last time.

Looking across the river, south Lyon.

Poppies seen on my walk to Parc de Gerland, no color editing.

Daisies, same walk.

Parc de Gerland, water and duckweed.

Palais de Pape (Papal palace), Avignon.

Exposed stair in the Palais de Pape, Avignon.

Walking down the book market on the Saône.

On the banks of the Rhône.

Evening on the banks of the Rhône.

Silk / polyester poppies being handed out as a perfume advertisement for Kenzo, Rue de la République, Lyon.

Inside the medieval church-fortress in Pérouges.

I posted this for you, Jean -- spun silk threads waiting to be made into cloth, city museum, Pérouges.

Tea at A Chacun Sa Tasse, a favorite study location.

The French have four ways to say goodbye: salut (a casual salutation), à bientôt (see you soon), au revoir (until we see each other again) and adieu (to God).


  1. good work!
    how about my thumbs up?.

  2. Thanks for the silk photo! See you real soon!