Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bon Dimanche, part 1

Ruins of the Roman Ampitheatre with me looking very chilly

Detail of the charging horse fountain in front of Musée des Beaux Arts, Presqu'île. Those are icicles as it's below 0 Celsius right now.

Steps of the Roman Ampitheatre at the top of Fouvrière hill

Terre cuite (terra cotta) rooftops in Vieux Lyon, looking down

Crossing the Saône river in the late morning

Rose window in the Cathedral Saint-Jean, Vieux Lyon

Crossing Pont de l'Université at dusk

Since it's Sunday (or dimanche, as the French call it), very few stores and restaurants are open today. Sunday is much more a day of rest and relaxation, at least for the relatively un-preoccupied student, in France than in the States. Thus, I've managed to get the first batch of photos off of my ancient camera and onto the wide interwebs.

Enjoy! I'll try to caption each. Look for part 2 - pictures of my room on Quai Serrail, overlooking the Rhône river, later this evening.

Bisous à tous!

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