Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I think everything is gonna be all right

Hey there!

Squid's been a little bit remiss on the updates recently (although check out those sweet photos just below this post), mostly because honestly not much has been going on. A confluence of three factors seems to be at play:

1) We have PRUNE (stage de Pre-Réntrée UNiversitairÉ, or Orientation) classes from late morning until late afternoon

2) The freezing cold / rain / ice outside does not really induce us to explore during the morning / night hours when we don't have class, especially since dusk is around 4:30 pm

3) We are poor, lazy students who would rather sit in our warm apartment and talk to each other in the evening than brave a henceforth unknown nightlife (of which there isn't much until it warms up).

So Mary and I are sitting at the kitchen table, I'm listening to Amos Lee's self-titled album, and other Mary is moving some things into the room that will be hers when Chelsea leaves tomorrow.

It's been kind of a difficult few days -- this morning I was left to deal with our landlords, who triple-teamed me before I had had a chance to eat anything or to count the huge pile of cash we accumulated for the security deposit (900 euros each). This resulted in me overpaying by 490 euros, which luckily got sorted out later and ended in me being credited for February rent. And me apologizing profusely for being a stupid American.

Who doesn't count the cash? Me, that's who. Luckily the landlords have been very nice to us so far. I think they see us as a better alternative to the hardcore partiers who lived here last semester. Too bad we're hated by the majority of the building.

Here's what's forthcoming in squidlife:
-pictures of the yarn squid out and about in the city
-this week I am going to learn how to use the tram and the metro
-end of the PRUNE classes on Friday
-signing up for IEP classes, which start on Monday (!!!)
-possible debates about traveling to other places during February break

Tomorrow I have to give a four-minute oral presentation on the topic of my choice. Any ideas as to what I should speak on? The only things I really know about are various aspects of life stateside; third wave feminism, ponies, myo sim, university at home, writing, history. I feel like those would be boring for other people. I guess I'll think of something.

I'll let you know how that goes.

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  1. I would think swords would be of great interest. Or karate and self defense. You might also tell the story of Snail Pony. How you got to be called "Squid Girl"? Taking care of B (who has not been seen in the dojo since you left, leading to speculation that he stowed away with you)? You could also describe Vegetarian #7 at Guadalajara. The possibilities are endless!